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Rental Pros Sound Off: Do You Match the Desperate Client’s Lowball Bid?

A Facebook post about a bridal client who initially turned down a “too expensive” vendor only to return at the last minute in desperation—and asking for the same lowball price the failed vendor promised….read more Advertisements

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It’s Always a Good Time for Tequila

Available in dozens of formulations and a plethora of distinctive bottles, tequila is the signature spirit of Mexico. Distilled from the blue agave plant, the longer it’s aged, the smoother and more oaky it becomes. Raise a glass!

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How to Select the Best Tequila

When it comes to choosing between tequilas, the selection can be overwhelming. Confronted with a dizzying array of bottles in all shapes, sizes, and colors, it may seem impossible to know where to begin, let alone how to separate good … Continue reading

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Creating Mouthwatering Food Dishes For Your Party

When throwing a celebration, you want to make sure your food dishes are carefully prepared and appealing to the eye. Caterers are skilled at food preparation, imbuing each dish with an appetizing appearance.

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Why Choosing the Perfect Chef for Your Catering Matters

Are you planning your dream wedding but unsure of what to serve your guests? What about your sister’s college graduation party? Do you know what special dishes to order? All these questions and more can be answered when you hire … Continue reading

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Celebrate an Engagement With a Mexican Fiesta

These plans for a Mexican bridal shower are filled with flavorful dishes, exotic drinks and fantastic bridal shower games for that feisty bride-to-be. Afterwards, all the ladies may need a siesta!.

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Five Amazing Appetizers for Your Wedding

Your venue is booked and your decadent wedding cake is ready to be baked. Now, what do you serve your guests? If you are swimming in wedding menus, take a look at these five amazing wedding appetizers. A classic side … Continue reading

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