Five Amazing Appetizers for Your Wedding

Your venue is booked and your decadent wedding cake is ready to be baked. Now, what do you serve your guests? If you are swimming in wedding menus, take a look at these five amazing wedding appetizers.

A classic side dish, this filling appetizer goes miniature when baked with baby Yukon gold or red potatoes. Stuffed with the toppings of your choice, these can reflect you and your fiancé’s favorite flavors.

Your wedding guests will be salivating over these rich, creamy and elegant bites of macaroni cheese topped with freshly steamed lobster. Spooned onto light crackers or slices of baguettes, this dish is sure to please until the last morsel is gone.

Dried dates are the perfect vessel for holding the harmonious combination of cheese and nuts. Classic toppings are goat cheese or feta topped with single almonds or hazelnuts.

A gluten and dairy free appetizer, quinoa stuffed button mushrooms are a unique dish full of hearty flavor. Seasoned with a white wine sauce, these delectable bites are quite a treat.

A sweet way to dazzle your guests’ taste buds, these mini crepes topped with fresh berries and fruit syrups will be a hit with the sweet tooth crowd.

If you are ready to start planning your menu, get a hold of your local chef! To talk with a wedding caterer in San Diego, visit this website.

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